Srujit Biradawada

As someone who is highly focused and attentive to detail, I thrive on building quality systems that surpass end users’ expectations. I’m thrilled to show off my technical expertise and leadership skills.

Currently pursuing “Wharton Executive Education Program – Chief Technology Officer” from “The Wharton School (UPenn),” completed Executive MBA in Operational Effectiveness from “Ottawa University,” completed “Stanford’s Executive Education Program – Launching a Startup” from “Stanford Graduate School of Business,” completed Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics (Data Science) from Saint Joseph’s University.

Will be implementing my learnings to the company that I have learned from my experience and education like, Corporate Finance Management, Business Strategy, Managerial Economics, Accounting, Project/Product Management, People/Team Management, Logistics/Production and Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Six-sigma, Organizational Change Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Organizational Ethics & Behavior, Analytics (Predictive, Business, Data, Web), Critical Performance Management, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Data, DBMS, DevOps, CICD, Automations, ITIL. I have published various articles on how various companies are currently performing, their current trends, strategies and what would best suit for those companies.

In the past I was charged with leading automation teams and developing innovative automations/solutions across a variety of software platforms/areas

  • Led the development of a Single Source of Truth Application for saving at least a Million dollar in each application area and drive the Automation initiatives across the platform using ServiceNow, resulting faster decision-making for automations, and self-healing applications which resulted a 35% reduction in engineer costs, 60% faster and safe deployments, 40% savings reducing manual interventions and disruptions.
  • Implement microservices architecture, reusable code/workflows and a continuous deployment pipeline
  • Spearhead the adoption of agile methodologies, leading to a 20% increase in team productivity
  • Oversaw the upgrade of the company’s infrastructure to a cloud-based system, resulting in a 30% reduction in downtime
  • Managed software engineers over 3 countries (U.S, U.K, India) and a budget of Million Dollars
  • Conducted research, analyzed business operations, and problem solved operating inefficiencies, saving companies a combined 800-man hours a month
  • Increased revenue by $16M through analysis of data surrounding customer behaviors, vendor relationships, stakeholder goals, and workflows
  • Discovered an additional $3M in savings after compiling data and identifying dead industry trends
  • Researched and prepared presentations regarding profitability reports, policies, internal operating inefficiencies, and industry trends

I’m an Automation Evangelist, discussed in many open forums how the automations could help the company in terms of money, time, and disruptions. 

I’m excited to leverage my unique range of skills, and I’m eager to demonstrate my commitment to developing world-class software solutions. 


Spiritual but not religious, Liberal and easy going. Traveler and has covered 22 states in the U.S and most places/states in India. Love to read and learn (philosophy, biography, business, technology, spiritual, electronics/gadgets, software tools/technologies, documentaries), Loves anime/cartoons, listens to music (any genre). A Blood Donor, A PETA member, love participating in Social Activities, Donate Time and Money to Charities to help people, stop Slavery/Human Trafficking/Animal Cruelty.